Our work


School & Community Out Reach

We have a team of dedicated ambassadors/Volunteers working to eradicate school going children/students and communities.  Given varying objectives and differing understandings of how to conduct more effective
outreach, We target different populations in our anti-trafficking efforts.

We provide informative community based lessons about the crime of human trafficking and the advice available to
the survivors of the crime and remain focused to  task  various organizations to fight this crime. It is not simply about finding and advising the survivors, it is about creating a self sustaining economy and a society which is more alert to the crime.

Ambassadorship Program

Not For Sale Uganda has a partnership with Not For Sale Ale (a crafted Swedish beer brand that invests 100% of the profits to fight against human trafficking)

Our Ambassador Program is designed to empower people that want to make a difference through the commercial platform NFSA. By being an Ambassador anyone could support the growth and sale of NFSA by sharing the story through their network, participate in events, contacting the local market to support our partners sales organization and promote the business concept in media. By acting as Ambassador anyone could without financial opportunities generate financial support to the organization Not For Sale Uganda and the work against human trafficking.


Not for Sale Uganda & Not For Sale Ale launch June, 2016 at Yasigi Beer Garden.

Part of our ambassadorship community outreach sensitizing residents of Mengo, Kisenyi about dangers of child labor.

Anyone with the age above 20 is welcome to become ambassador in the ambassadorship program. Your role is to spread the story, create awareness of the product and our social impact business proposal and support the marketing and sales of the product.

Not For Sale Uganda partners with CIYOTA, a non-profit established by refugee youth, to provide education and housing for nearly 500 children and young adults near the Kyangwali refugee camp in Uganda.




To learn more about our in collaboration with CIYOTA follow the link https://www.notforsalecampaign.org/uganda/